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Frequently Asked Questions

It is often useful for our support staff to see some data on your software installation. If you are experiencing some kind of anomaly with the software you may want to run this utility. You can link to an instruction manual to the right. You can send us the output file via our support request form.


Q I run the installer and Windows says it is not a valid Win32 application.
A This message means you only downloaded a file fragment.  We recommend you re-download the software. If problems persist we recommend you consider a download manager.
Q For some reason my engines stop and I cannot restart them.
A Open the Load Manager and check to make sure the engines are not damaged. This could be the problem. Also, if you have hardware controls for the mixture levers check your calibration. It could be your mixture is nulling out via the hardware, causing fuel starvation to the engine. Another, and more likely possibility is a conflict in the data settings in whatever "Flight" you have loaded when you selected the aircraft.
Q Where can I get a link to the current installer for my software?
A Press the link above that says "Account Login". Log into your account and go to the "Downloads" link. There you will find license information and a download link for the software.
Q The Load Manager is throwing an error saying that the aircraft could not be configured due to improper format of configuration files.
A This indicates that you are either missing files, possibly due to a Windows error during installation, or that you may have accidentally moved or deleted a critical data file. Reinstallation of the software is recommended.
Q I can't see the gauges in the virtual cockpit and/or the 2D cockpit.
A Please go to the link at the top of the page to download our test utility. This will help us determine if your software has been installed correctly.
Q I have FSX Acceleration installed, and once the it is raining the view outside the window in the virtual cockpit turns a solid color.
Many models created before Direct X 10 will display an oblique plain color out the windows in the VC when Flight Simulator X generates any kind of precipitation. This is due to the rain textures introduced in FS X SP2 are incompatible with non-DX 10 native models. Our VC Rain Fix utility, can correct this
Q I receive error code 69 when attempting to activate the software.
A This means you are using an old installer that is obsolete. We recommend going to our Downloads page, where you can log in to your account and obtain the current files.