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In creating the new Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) classification of planes in 2004, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) filled the much-needed performance and price gap between less sophisticated ultra-light aircraft and larger, more complex transportation focused aircraft. Since LSA are targeted to recreational pilots who primarily fly for fun, LSA are designed to be affordable, lightweight, and easy to operate. All aircraft are classified as S-LSA are factory built, ready-to-fly aircraft.


Cutting edge 3D model with advanced animation and precise detail

Accurate virtual cockpit with smooth, clean modeling and precise
attention to realism and detail

Accurate flight model3D cockpit instrumentation

GNS 480 GPS/WAAS glass display

10 color schemes included

80 page documentation

Very reasonable priced

Recommended System Specs

Compatible Simulators:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Flight Simulator X Steam Edition
Prepar3D v3

Dual Core microprocessor or higher with 2 GHz MHz + speed. A quad core processor are recommended.
4 MB RAM minimum. 8 MB RAM or higher is recommended.

Windows versions 11, 10, 8, or 7 required.

Nvidia or ATI Radeon based 3D accelerator video card with full antialiasing and T&L lighting capability.

A minimum of 8 GB onboard RAM minimum is recommended.

SoundBlaster Live or equivalent 128-bit DirectX sound device.

Up-to-date DirectX video and sound drivers.

Obviously, higher end systems with quad-core processors and 3.0 GHz+ speed CPU, 16 GB system RAM
or higher and 10 GB+ video RAM will perform much better.
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