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High definition flight model.

Takes advantage of all animation and texturing effects available .

Full 2D panel/virtual cockpit systems and switch integration.

Realistic panel lighting features.Advanced system failures modeling.

Cabin pressurization.

Load Manager for managing paint schemes, aircraft data/costs, and systems.

5 additional paint schemes available

Complete documentation and checklists.


Recommended System Specs

Compatible Simulator:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Dual Core microprocessor or higher with 2 GHz MHz + speed.  A quad core processor are recommended. 4 MB RAM minimum. 4 MB RAM or higher is recommmended.

Windows versions 7, Vista and XP required.

Nvidia or ATI Radeon based 3D accelerator video card with full antialiasing and T&L lighting capability.

A minimum of 4 GB VRAM onboard RAM minimum is recommended.

SoundBlaster Live or equivalent 128-bit DirectX sound device.

Obviously, higher end systems with quad-core processors and 3.0 GHz+ speed CPU, 16 GB system RAM
or higher and 10 GB+ video RAM will perform much better.
Gallery Manual Paint Kit
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