Cirrus Vision SF50

Personal Jet For Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D v3

The Vision is a single engine, seven seat very light personal jet. It is the vanguard of an exciting new category in general aviation, geared toward light commercial and business travel. The personal jet offers better speed, range and affordability over previous prop aircraft used for this purpose.
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The Cirrus Vision
The Cirrus Vision SF50 is an exciting new single-engine, low-wing, seven-seat, "personal jet". Our recreation of this unique aircraft represents the most advanced techniques in 3D mesh design for smooth and realistic aircraft shape, and custom and faithfully represented aircraft instrumentation.

The Vision will seat seven people, with the cockpit, second row and the third row each seating two. The aircraft's aerodynamic V-tail design was created by Cirrus using computer models with the aim of increasing performance.

The aircraft's aerodynamic design has been modified based on the test flights completed and the use of computer models with the aim of increasing performance. Changes include altering the engine thrust angle, which has made a large improvement. On the final production aircraft the right side door has been eliminated to save weight. The door will be replaced by an emergency egress hatch. The production aircraft will also have a more pointed nose, larger belly section, redesigned wing-root fairing, reduced tail sweep and a larger or even dual ventral fin. *Wikipedia
  In December 2006 Cirrus announced that the Visions will be the "slowest, lowest, and cheapest jet available."
Powered by a single Williams FJ33-4A-19 engine, producing 1,900 pounds-force (8,500 N) of thrust for a cruise
speed of about 300 knots, the SF50 seats seven people. 


Some very interesting video are available here:


  Accurate detailed 3D model using 3D mesh modeling. 
  Custom versions designed for Flight Simulator X SP 2. 
  Highly detailed 3D mesh virtual cockpit.
  Luxury interior.
  Custom designed Garmin G1000 avionics. * 
  Pressurized cabin. 
  Smooth gauge performance. 
  Precisely realistic flight dynamics. 
  Realistic and consistent flight control and performance. 
  Aircraft animations faithful replicated to the smallest detail, including landing gears, control surfaces, passenger and cargo doors. 
  Extensive documentation.
Virtual Cockpit
  The Vision virtual cockpit is represented in fine detail, using all of the cutting edge techniques available for Flight Simulator X, and represents a commitment to our level of detail in both aircraft and flight modeling.
The Vision uses a custom made Garmin G1000 flight deck. An all-glass avionics suite design that makes flight information easier to scan and process, enhancing situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit.



Reccommended System Specs 
Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2, or Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, or Prepar3D  required.
Dual Core microprocessor or higher with 2 GHz MHz + speed and 4 MB RAM minimum. 8 MB RAM recommended.
Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. 32 or 64 bit.
Nvidia or ATI Radeon based 3D accelerator video card with full antialiasing and T&L lighting capability and a minimum of 512 MB onboard RAM.
SoundBlaster Live or equivalent 128-bit DirectX sound device.
Up-to-date DirectX video and sound drivers.
Obviously, higher end systems with quad-core processors and 3.0 GHz+ speed  CPU, 4+ GB system RAM and 1024+  MB or preferably video RAM will perform much better.
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hese are the 8 additional paint schemes from designer Mickael Palumbo are included in the package:

You can download/view several documents and manuals:  
Pilot Operating