Turbine Toucan

Aircraft For Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D v3

The World's Fastest Biplane

The Toucan is not just another ho-hum aerobatic biplane. It boasts something most modern jet fighters can’t even claim...a positive thrust-to-weight ratio.

With a weight of just 2,000 lbs. and a turbine engine that puts out 3,300 lbs. of thrust. That’s an amazing 1.65:1 ratio, enough to accelerate in a vertical climb. Indefinitely.

A unique aircraft at an affordable price.
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Welcome to the Vertical Revolution!

The Turbine Toucan is the highest performance biplane in history. With a better than 1.65 to 1 power-to-weight ratio it is capable of doing the most impressive 3D aerobatics. It can actually hover! This rendering of the Turbine Toucan is an exact duplicate of the real-world Toucan, created by Infinity Entertainment. The FlightSim Developers Toucan was developed with the cooperation of, and approved by Infinity Entertainment.
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This aerobatic biplane is capable of sustaining +8/-6 G and a greater than 300° per second roll rate. Being the only propeller driven aircraft with a better than 1 to 1 power-to-weight ratio, the Turbine Toucan was designed to do what no other aircraft in the world can...3D acrobatics.
When the Toucan travels to airshows it is transported in a large 18 wheel custom truck. We have recreated the truck and display stand as scenery objects that are included with the package. The default location of these scenery objects are at the airshow at Oshkosh. We can place this scenery wherever you want upon request.

To enhance your Oshkosh experience we recommend FS-MP's scenery:
High performance turboprop engine with over 3,000 lbs. of thrust.
Maneuverability that you have never seen in Flight Simulator before, created in our long tradition of the best flight models in FS.
This native Flight Simulator X model has the best detailed aircraft modeling you will ever see in this simulator.
Realistic virtual cockpit - fully functional. Unique combination of steam driven and glass cockpit instruments.
2D (standard) cockpit consists of a high resolution Head Up Display (HUD) to enhance your open air cockpit experience, yet still provide you with the flight data you need.
Toucan News
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Turbotoucan.com surpasses 10 million hits anuually
Turbine Toucan Breaks Time-To-Climb world Record,

While cutting edge add-on aircraft such as this will "run" on a system with the minimum specifications outlined by Microsoft,  we recommend the following as minimum guidelines to achieve acceptable performance:

Intel or AMD microprocessor or higher with 2.5 GHz+ speed and 4 GB RAM minimum for all FS X flights (minimum). Intel or AMD dual or quad core processors, 2 GB+ each recommended for all FS X flights (Recommended)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, or Prepar3D  *Required
Windows XP (minimum), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10
32 or 64 bit operating systems
3D accelerator video card with full antialiasing and T&L lighting capability and a minimum of 512 MB onboard RAM. 1 GB + is recommended.
128-bit DirectX sound device
Up-to-date DirectX video and sound drivers
You can download/view several documents and manuals:  
Pilot Operating