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Flight Planning
User Interface
LNAV Navigation
VNAV Navigation
Fuel Totalizer
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Flight Planning

The GLV2000 uses standard Flight Simulator flight plans. However, it also incorporates the ability to add and remove waypoints as you like.

An easy to access menu from the Flight Plan page utilizes the GPS engine's database to allow you to search for and insert waypoints anywhere within the flight plan.

  User Interface   
Here is a diagram of the user interface and controls. Using multi-function keys, the system is very powerful and provides the pilot with everything needed for both vertical (VNav) and lateral (LNav) navigation.
1.   Power Switch 2.  Nav Frequencies 3.   Last/Next Wpt 4.   Magnetic HDG 5.   ADF Frequency
6.   WPT Info Window 7.  COM Frequencies 8.   Range Selector 9.   LNAV/VNAV Ind 10. COM Ctrl Knob
11. COM Freq Swap 12. Direct To Menu 13. Main Menu 14. Flight Plan Menu 15. Procedure Menu
16. Enter Key 17. Clear Key 18. Selector Knob 19. XPDR Menu 20. Auto/Susp Ind
21. Softkeys 22. Time Display 23. ADF Swap Key 24. ADF Knob 25. Escape Key
26. NAV Swap Key 27. NAV Ctrl Knob      
 Two compass modes are available; Arc Mode and HSI Mode.

The color of the compass rose is user selected via the main menu, which provides the pilot with extensive control over both display schemes/colors, and system preferences.
The Totalizer is an instrument for fuel flow information to the GPS receiver, providing distance and estimated fuel needed en route.

Additional calculations and display of fuel management data is provided for each waypoint in the flight plan. If insufficient fuel will be available, according to current tank levels, annunciation is provided that will let the pilot know exactly where en route refueling will be required.

The GPS database will indicate a fueling point with an